Who is Per?

Seasoned developer with broad spectrum of interest with a slight inclination to server side stuff. But that’s changing. Loves clean architecture, nice languages, pragmatic approaches. Dislikes over-engineering, limiting licensing, narrow-mindedness, and coding style talibans. Also does photography, choir singing, cooking, playing with Arduios and collect Swedish crystal. Sometimes I have humor, says my man, but I’m not certain.

And what about that Ptarmigan? I grew up in Kiruna, a mining town far, far up in the sub-polar region of Sweden. The name Kiruna comes from “Giron” (Sami language) and means Ptarmigan. I love these birds. Even shot one once. And I’m known to be a profound skeptic, almost to the degree that friends ridicule me.

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And should you care, this is what I sometimes look like: